Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Vol. 1 OCTOBER 22, 1997Num. 1

Will be City Council President
by Mr. James P. Casey

A big scuffle broke out at the City Council meeting on Thursday, October 9th. Bill Kling prevailed and rained in Mr. Showers for the top job of City Council President. Mud slinging apparently ensued among some of the council members leaving the City Council Chambers stinking s omething like a pig sty.

¿ International Conspiracy ?

City Government as it stands:

Our Mayor: Lady Spencer Funeral Home Part Owner

Councilman Place
A numerologist
could thicken
the plot.
H all 2
A rnold 3
W atson 5
K ling 4
S howers 1


October 11, 1997- Huntsville Times,
NBA Classic, Atlanta HAWKS vs Boston Celtics exhibiton Professional Basketball Game to be played at the Von Braun Center. Who took the Civic out of the VBC anyway?

September 15, 1997- USA Today, 'Candle' Burning Path to History
"Polygram has shipped 26 million copies of Elton John's Candle in the Wind 1997 and the song soon may surpass Bing Crosby's White Christmas to become history's biggest selling single."

Never knowing who to KLING TOO when the REIGN set in.

August 31, 1997- Lady Spencer, Diana; killed in Sane river tunnel: Alma.

October 7, 1996- Watson takes office in Council place 5, his "W" completing the "HAWKS" acronym.

October 7, 1996- Lady Spencer, Loretta; Our Mayor takes office less than a year before the death of princes "Di" and the subsequent re-release of "Candle."

July 23, 1996- Wall Street Journal, Open and Shut Fraud
"...a good place to start paying attention is Alabama. 'We don't use guns, tanks and bullets to put political leaders in power,' says Democratic Secretary of State Jim Bennet, 'We simply allow absentee ballot manipulators to undermine and quite possibly corrupt the system.'"

"The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has documented how the Democratic Party in that state has distributed cash to ministers and Funeral Home Directors for 'delivering' votes."

Possible Explanations

ONE-God is an NBA fan and thought it would be nice to give the HAWKS a plug and eulogize the loss of Diana in advance.

TWO-A monumental coincidence that can only be explained as the workings of chance.

THREE-Elections in Huntsville, Alabama are organized and rigged by someone who likes basketball and International Conspiracys.

FOUR-Voters had a premonition eight to twelve years ago and began electing officials on the basis of cute acronyms and metaphores without regard for qualifications. Just what qualifications are requisite anyway?

FIVE-Commoners shouldn't ask such questions or be concerned with how their government is run.

Regardless of how it happened the Mayor and City Council of Huntsville, Alabama, USA, have become a mockery of Deomocracy, The Consitution, and Liberty.

Tender your resignations NOW!

A note about Huntsville, Alabama: Best known for the development of the Apollo rocket program that put a man on the moon. The team was headed by rocket man Dr. Von Braun who said of his membership in the Nazi party that he was "unconvinced."


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